Q. Collaborate Ultra: Troubleshooting J10 and J11 error message

  • Failure Code J10
  • Failure Code J11


Upon attempting to join a Collaborate Ultra session from a school or office network, the session fails to connect and the user encounters one of the following error messages:
Failure Code J10
Failure Code J11


The J10 and J11 error messages indicate that a network connection is blocking HTML 5 web socket connections.  These error messages are usually the direct result of a network firewall configuration issue on campus or at your workplace.












Click here to check that you can use HTML5 with your current set up. Your web browser works off html5 and your home setup may have HTML5  blocked.

Click connect, then send to check your set up:

The image above  indicates connection is good. If you receive a error message; update your web browser or try the following suggestions. 


Suggested troubleshooting steps

If you suspect that your network or ISP is causing your Collaborate Ultra session issues, please try the following: 


  • Use a hardwired ethernet connection to your router.
  • If hardwiring is not an option, and you must use WiFi, be sure that you are located as close to the router as physically possible. 
  • Ensure that the router is properly placed in the home for maximum efficiency.
  • For example, place the router in a high spot in the center of the room, away from other electronic devices, windows, microwaves etc.
  • Click here for more tips on how to place a router for maximum efficiency
  • Restart the modem and/or router.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Shut down all unnecessary programs on the computer being used to access the Collaborate Ultra session, especially programs that use an internet connection such as email, instant messaging clients, streaming services (Netflix, YouTube), other web conferencing options (Skype, Webex), etc.
  • Limit the number of devices and services using the network connection in the home like tablets, cell phones, smart tv's, streaming devices and streaming services (Roku, Firestick, Hulu, Netflix), gaming consoles, and other computers.
  • If you purchased your router separately, call your router manufacturer for router support. 


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