Q. How do I take a test online?


Taking an online test in Blackboard Learn

As a student, there are a few tips that can help ensure that assessments you take online are submitted successfully.

  • Always use a supported browser, Mozilla Firefox (recommended) or Google Chrome.


  • Use a laptop or desktop computer not a portal device


  • Resize your browser window before you start and keep it at that size for the entire quiz.


  • Turn off popup blockers.


  • Only have one Blackboard Learn session running at a time. Do not open a lot of Blackboard Instances (pc, mobile and tablet at the same time) when doing a test.


  • Use a reliable and, if possible, fast Internet connection (DSL, cable, broadband). Use wireless network connections for tests with caution. Wired connections are preferred since wireless connections can become interrupted by interference from other devices or due to the saturation of the wireless access point in a public area. If your wireless connection is interrupted, you may not be able to get back into the test to complete it.


  • Quit all other applications (e.g., Word, iTunes, games, IM tools) unless otherwise directed by your instructor.


  • Click the link once to enter/begin the test. Wait for the page to load completely before starting.


  • Do not use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons in your web browser. Use only the navigation links and buttons displayed on the test page.


  • Do not use keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Alt,Tab Command, Command Tab, arrows). Avoid the scroll wheel on the mouse.


  • Keep your browser window active. Clicking ‘Save Answer' regularly.


  • Never double click during your assessment. Click once to launch the assessment, click once to navigate to the next question, click once to save the assessment, etc. If after waiting for a few seconds nothing happens you can try to click again on the button.


  • Your answers should be automatically saving within 30 seconds of you completing the question, if the answer has not saved after 30 seconds you will need to refresh the page to restore your connection to the quiz. All unsaved answers will be lost but you will be reconnected and able to continue.

If your answers are not saving and you continue the test without refreshing they will not save and when you try to submit you will receive an error and your answers will not be submitted after the point you lost connection. As you progress through the assessment continue to check that your test is saving, this is extremely important for tests longer than 30 minutes.


  • At the end of a quiz , check your answers and click the ‘Save and submit' button once.


  • Only ‘Save and Submit' will send the completed exam to the instructor. Do not double click. Do not press the Enter key.


  • If you need to open additional tabs in your browser for the test attempt, open all necessary tabs before you begin your attempt.  Once you have started your attempt it is not recommended to open multiple tabs during the session.

*If you do run into technical issues whilst attempting your test,  please take a screenshot of the error screen or message. You will need to retain this screenshot as evidence*



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